Brozelco is proud to be the authorized manufacturer representatives for the following companies.


J. M. Canty (Process Technology)

  • Industrial/Sanitary Sight Glasses and Lighting¬†(explosion proof)
  • Process Cameras and Particle Sighting
  • Turbidity, Color, and Percent Solids Centers



  • Portable and Bench Pressure Calibrators
  • Precision and Digital Pressure Transducers
  • Deadweight Testers and Dial Gauges

Process Sensors Corporation

  • Infra-Red Temp. Sensors, Portable
  • Infra-Red Temp. Sensors, Fixed
  • Black Body Calibration Sources and Thermal Imagers


Thermcraft Incorporated

  • Furnaces – Box, Tube, Conversion, Custom
  • Ovens – Industrial and Laboratory
  • Replacement Heating Elements

Absolute Process Instruments

  • Signal Conditioners and Isolators
  • Pressure Gauges and Transmitters

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